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About portfolio

Portfolio (noun): 1. A collection of art, examples of work. 2. A collection of investments owned by a particular person or organisation.

At Portfolio we have spent time gathering beautiful art and objects that can enhance our lives, bolster our mood and bring positivity to daily life. Surrounding ourselves with beautiful optimism.


We have created an eclectic collection for sale, with a house style that reflects the way we live today.


Influences of music and art of the mid-twentieth century are evident; the cover art of Blue Note and the movie titles of Saul Bass are as influential as the art of Africa and the drawings of Picasso. There's a thread there that is expressive and complementary to an alternative, slower pace of life we might crave in the twenty-first century. 


The portfolio on offer is not just an inspirational collection of art and objects, it's an investment. Some of the pieces have been in our possession for years, in which time they have doubled or tripled in value. Items with age and quality, looked after with care, will inevitably grow in value with their rarity and provenance. 


Every item on sale has a back story and if you are interested in any individual piece please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can give you a little more information. 



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