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Mexico City, a cultural feast

Travelling to Mexico City recently was an absolute joy and a real education – there can be few cities around the world with as many museums and galleries that beautifully showcase the country's rich heritage while also looking towards the future.

The city’s commitment to culture became evident to me when we found, by chance, a significant exhibition space in the heart of the bustling shopping district, (on the equivalent of our Oxford St), profiling the work of prominent Mexican architectural practice, Sordo Madaleno, and its significant contribution to the Mexican urban landscape over the past four decades.

Add to that very contemporary review the rich and layered history of the country as shown in their national museums and it's probably the most diverse and entertaining city I've ever visited. Step outside the city to the remains of Teotihuacán and you realise Mexican culture is deeper and more ingrained than we could ever have imagined from a distance.

The work and lives of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo are unmissable in Mexico, with the studios of Kahlo and the house of Rivera both giving an insight into their personal lives and artistic genius.

The joy is reinforced by a food culture that is as diverse as its history. With the help of some long-established local contacts we found some of the best food we've ever tasted, a far cry from the diluted 'Mexican' cuisine on offer in Europe. From breakfast in a Roma Bakery, to lunch on the go in a local street market, to fine dining in the Historic centre, Mexico has it all.

If you're planning to visit Mexico City, why not contact us on for our suggestions of the six best locations for authentic and varied cuisine in the city. You won't be disappointed!

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