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Nauman at the Tate

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

The Bruce Nauman exhibition at the Tate Modern finishes in February 2021 and is well worth the visit .

We are in a moment when media in art it expansive and creatively free, we are no longer defined by the restrictions of paint on canvas but by experiences, by emotional and moving immersion that is expansive and connecting.

Nauman was a pioneer of experiential art. He creates spaces that change perceptions. Through light, colour, scale and sound he plays with your responses.

I loved the saturated colour of the very minimal yellow room, the changing messages, and colours, in the neon room are compelling. Contemporary environmental design can learn from Nauman. 

I was less comfortable with the more challenging performance art, particularly the clown series where Nauman acts out some disturbing scenes in full clown costume and make-up. But it was impactful, memorable, a show.

Some of this work dates back to the late 60’s but feels very contemporary, the one give away was the use of some very boxy Trinatron TV Monitors which felt like they were not just there to project the work, but were in themselves part of the original presentation.

Great show, get down there if you can.

David Dalziel

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