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Puglian life...

For the first time since building our Italian place 13 years ago, we were able to spend more than a few weeks there, immersing ourselves in the Puglian lifestyle for an extended period and feeling part of that community.

Our many visitors this summer included Brits, Canadians, Americans and a Ukrainian, our local friends there are typically Belgian and Australian, but on this trip we were firmly rooted in Italy.

If you're staying in a community, you begin to develop habits, repeat behaviours that define your experience. The weekly visits to the roving Sunday antique markets; the regular trips to the (very Italian) supermarket; the visits to the garden centres; your first ever need to visit a local barber shop. Mundane things that add up to everyday life.

These mundane things are interspersed with the seasonal vacation habits – lunches by the beach, walking the local tourist towns, dinner with friends and family in our favorite restaurants, the holiday habits we come to expect.

Then there's the local events that you tend to miss if you're only there for a couple of weeks... the concerts at the local church, the junior talent contest in the local town square, the evening celebration of season's end at the local cafe – this is where the magic happens.

All inspiring and rejuvenating, this summer was an unforgettable experience and the images will live forever in our memory.

If you ever think of making a trip to Puglia, get in touch - we'd be happy to share some local knowledge.

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