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Vincent City, Salento, Puglia

The description, 'unique experience' may be a bit over-used and with our exposure to new media there are very few things that surprise us these days. But Vincent City in Salento, Puglia really is one of those surprising, unique experiences.

Located on the outskirts of the small unassuming town of Guagnano, not far from Lecce, it's not easily located, you don't pass the front door on your way elsewhere; it's a destination.

When you finally find it, you know you've arrived. The slightly ramshackle collection of outbuildings is striking in its colour and decoration. Completely clad in bold ceramic mosaics (by the Italian artist Orodè Deoro), it has a kind of Gaudi-on-acid vibe about it. Every surface, every nook and cranny, tells a story. Pictorially and/or typographically.

There are several labyrinthian galleries, some slightly creepy, especially when you're the only visitors at the time, showing the work of the host, Vincent Brunetti, juxtaposed with a  huge collection of eccentric artefacts, ancient and modern, that support his concept.

The highlight of the visit is the man himself: Vincent is not young, but still works in his live studio with blaring electro music as his soundtrack. He sits in an upholstered armchair, dancing and painting, as visitors come and go. The music stops if you show an interest in talking to the maestro – he is charming and enthusiastic. It must be hard to maintain that level of enthusiasm, but he has ways of maintaining his energy with a few mysterious props he keeps within reach. 

The work is eclectic to say the least. Original landscapes and animal paintings, reproduction masters, expressive abstracts, he covers all the bases and they're all there for sale. We bought a 'Picasso' from Vincent at a very modest price and he insisted on celebrating the sale with photographs and video...he knows they'll be reposted online to add to his fame and notoriety, he's smart that way.

We loved it. If you're ever in Puglia drop in to say hello to Vincent. It's all free, unless you buy a Picasso.

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