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Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch Exhibition – viewing life through single-point perspective

An exhibition on Wes Anderson's latest film, The French Dispatch, at 180 Studios on the Strand is an unmissable treat for fans of the distinctive director.

The French Dispatch is stylistically immersive, as with all of Anderson's previous films, and here a world is created around a narrative that is visually stronger than the storyline: the film may drag in the middle, the story might drift, but the visuals are compelling.

The breadth of the movie's design detail is presented in the exhibition: props, costumes, sets (full size and miniature), packaging, posters, reporter's notebooks, script notes etc, taking you through the story and amplifying the unique quality of the quirky characters, locations and overall beauty of the film.

The space is perfect for the mood of the movie – immersive, intriguing, with a combination of key set pieces and linking stories. again, perfectly reflecting the movie's narrative and aesthetic. You can even drop in for a coffee at 'Le Sans Blague' café on your way out.

Key moments?...The contrast in scale between the large set pieces and the intimate notes. The commitment to detail that the typical cinema experience cannot capture. The Concrete Masterpieces, showcased in a perfect setting with drama and scale. The one thing I felt was missing was the artwork created for the Tintin-style animation in the last chapter of the trilogy, a strong segment that lifted the spirits – it was pivotal, but strangely missing from the exhibition.

A brilliantly executed experience – see the movie, see the show, see the movie again.

The show is on until 28th November, so be quick!

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